CREW Las Vegas March 2020 Luncheon Women in Commercial Real Estate Construction

25 Mar 2020 8:29 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

CREW Las Vegas March 2020 Luncheon Women in Commercial Real Estate Construction

Posted March 25, 2020 CREW LV Blog

Brittany Brown of SPT Specialized Pipe Technologies Meeting CREW LV Members at the door!

The third meeting of 2020 and our amazing CREW Las Vegas President, Carol Cline-Ong presided at our new luncheon location, Lawrys The Prime Rib. Carol thanked all of our members and guests and thanked our luncheon sponsor SPT Specialized Pipe Technologies. Pledge of allegiance is always an important part of our  meetings and the attendees all stood to say the pledge.

Gwen and Tara of Alternative Management

Carol thanked Tara and her team at Alternative Management as well as Ceasar of Lawrys The Prime Rib, for the excellent services being provided to our chapter.

Sponsors were thanked and asked to stand and accept a grateful round of applauds from all.

March is Women’s History month Carol reminded us it is not all about leprechans! There is much history in how women have evolved in this country and how women have helped to build America. In 1987 Congress declared March as Women’s History month!! Please note there is a rock on the table for each of you. Everyone was asked to pass their rock to their right and then pass the rocks back. These rocks signify what paying it forward looks and feels like, one ripple at a time.

Homework from last month and reminder: Please be sure you take the CREW Network Benchmark Study survey which is an online study to help us to understand the diversity in our industry. It takes only 15 minutes and it is critical that we participate. Please watch for emails or other reminders and please take the survey.

Also be sure your CREWbiz Network profiles are up to date. If your profile is old or your picture is missing, it is not as personal and you may have missed opportunities for your company and yourself advancement! 

CREW Careers: Mark your calendar for Take a Girl to CRE Day, lunch and learn on April 23rd. If you have more questions please see Cassie Catania-Hsu for more details.

Scholarships: Samantha Flaherty is our delegate for our CREW Foundation Scholarship program. There are 25, $5,000 scholarships. It is for junior and senior level girls who are in any commercial real estate field and also provides free admission to CREW Convention and an internship.

Committee Reports

Social Event Committee

Brittany Brown – The bowling event was a success and huge thanks to NAI Vegas for being our sponsor. There was a 50/50 raffle and as a result we were able to raise $290 for CREW Cares. The funds will be used to pay for a field trip and pizza lunch for the classroom we adopted. Our upcoming “no host” happy hour will be at Sierra Gold on March 25th. We are trying a new idea to give people a chance to meet up. We are looking for upcoming event sponsors for May, July and August as well. Please reach out to me if you want to be a sponsor.

CREW Cares Committee

Wendi Schweigart – Thank you to all who contributed to the 50/50 event. We are taking our classroom to SeaQuest as a result of those donations. The book drive was amazing. The kids were excited and loved to see how engaged the kids were with the community coming to read to the children. Our committee meets the Monday before the Tuesday lunch if you wish to join our committee. There is a fishbowl on Brittany’s table to drop your card if you want to get involved with our activities I can add you to our mailing list.


Special Events Committee

Maria Herman – Plan to meet us on April 23 at Run for the Roses between 5 – 8 pm. Besides the great cocktails and photo booth and horse race, we are now giving away a $100 cash prize for best hat and best decorated horse. We are helping 2 charities, Project Marilyn and Garden Foundation which will both benefit as a result of our special event! There are sponsorships are available so let me know if you wish to get involved. 

Wendi explained the history of Project Marilyn. Wendi founded this group to help women who are homeless with menstrual supplies. Wendi is so happy that CREW LV is helping this charity as well as the Garden Foundation and please watch their video.

New members pinned!

Jim Slack – We are going to pin some new members, but I want to remind you about the golf outing and our upcoming “Understanding CREW” in May. It will be an orientation in how to maximize your CREW benefits. In addition on the March 20th, Friday, DC Building Group has a 3 on 3 event to benefit the National Children’s Cancer Foundation. It is a big deal and we try to raise between $10-15,000. Everybody here is invited to show up. Please join us.

Carol introduced, Brittany Brown of STP Specialized Pipe Technologies our generous lunch sponsor. Brittany explained her company is not a plumbing company, but a pipe lining company. Candidates for pipe lining are sewer, drain and vent pipes, which are their specialty. The work is done without down time and the least amount of inconvenience to your business. The process involves viewing the inside of the pipe with a camera to see what the conditions are. The next phase is grinding out the build up of corrosion on the pipes. Once the pipes are cleaned, the pipe is filled with a liner. It drys and the pipe is put back in business. Bottom line is we fix pipes without digging!


Luncheon Panel –
Women in Construction & Development


Wendi Schweigart, NDL Construction – Moderator

Leslie Becker, Harris Company (Business Development Professional)

Maquel Houlihan, MMC Contractors (Business Development Professional)

Melissa Campanella, New Market Advisors (Tenant Representation Broker)


Women can go from carpentry to business development, like Leslie Becker did!
Service account management is an excellent field for women to consider.
Dream of pharmaceutical sales turns to commercial real estate as a result of excellent mentors.
Just be yourself.
Women bring something different to the table.
You need thick skin and believe in yourself.
Sometimes doors open and sometimes they close. 
Be honest, be proud to be a Mom.
Do not worry about working in bars or strip clubs to get business: be yourself.
Show up 15 minutes early, show your respect, earn the clients trust.
Do what you say you are going to do.
Not everybody is going to like you. Don’t worry. There is enough business to go around.
As a woman you need to know your stuff. When trying to sell something, don’t flirt your way through it.
A mentor can be younger than you, don’t think about age. Learn from everybody.
A good mentor or team member treats you as an equal.
Join a committee, get active in CREW Network events. You will learn so much from other women.
You can learn from bad bosses and learn what not to do and how not to treat people.
Don’t pay attention to there being a difference between men and women. Just do your job and treat everybody the same.
Women have compassion, we are emotional. Females offer a better judgement of things than men do not see. We can read people. We do not have a facade. Listen to yourself. Female intuition rules.
We are mothers, daughters, aunts. Women are relationship builders.
Surround yourself with people who want you to do well.

Purse Raffle

The March 2020 purse raffle was held and the lucky winner of the beautiful bag was Amanda (Catania) Miller of Lawyer Trane/Lawyer Mechanical Services. Thanks to our board member, Kelly Connery for purchasing the lovely bag. All proceeds of our monthly raffles go to help CREW Las Vegas defray costs and contribute to our charitable activities. We truly appreciate all of you who purchase raffle tickets.

Carol’s Thought & Quote
March 10 2020

Thought of the Month – 

Sympathy, compassion, and Value Are your characteristics
Love, Beauty, and Peace Are your distinctions 
Determination and Patience Are your armors
Smiling, attractive and precise Is your Character.
You are born with a Power To change the thoughts And conquer the Hearts.
Life Flows Because of You. You’re a Woman.

Quote of the Month –

Forget about the fast lane, if you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion. ~ Oprah Winfrey

Luncheon Location on 2nd Tuesday of Every Month:
Lawry’s The Prime Rib 4043 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89169

Register for all events here.
At this time, our planned events are postponed for March & April.

Tuesday April 14 2020 Luncheon
April 23 2020 Bring a Girl to CRE Day
April 23 2020 Run for the Roses
Tuesday May 12 2020 Luncheon
Tuesday June 9 2020 Luncheon
June 12 2020 Golf Outing
Tuesday July 14 2020 Luncheon
Tuesday August 11 2020 Luncheon




Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.

Brittany BrownSPT Specialized Pipe Technologies

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