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  • 25 Mar 2020 8:29 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

    CREW Las Vegas March 2020 Luncheon Women in Commercial Real Estate Construction

    Posted March 25, 2020 CREW LV Blog

    Brittany Brown of SPT Specialized Pipe Technologies Meeting CREW LV Members at the door!

    The third meeting of 2020 and our amazing CREW Las Vegas President, Carol Cline-Ong presided at our new luncheon location, Lawrys The Prime Rib. Carol thanked all of our members and guests and thanked our luncheon sponsor SPT Specialized Pipe Technologies. Pledge of allegiance is always an important part of our  meetings and the attendees all stood to say the pledge.

    Gwen and Tara of Alternative Management

    Carol thanked Tara and her team at Alternative Management as well as Ceasar of Lawrys The Prime Rib, for the excellent services being provided to our chapter.

    Sponsors were thanked and asked to stand and accept a grateful round of applauds from all.

    March is Women’s History month Carol reminded us it is not all about leprechans! There is much history in how women have evolved in this country and how women have helped to build America. In 1987 Congress declared March as Women’s History month!! Please note there is a rock on the table for each of you. Everyone was asked to pass their rock to their right and then pass the rocks back. These rocks signify what paying it forward looks and feels like, one ripple at a time.

    Homework from last month and reminder: Please be sure you take the CREW Network Benchmark Study survey which is an online study to help us to understand the diversity in our industry. It takes only 15 minutes and it is critical that we participate. Please watch for emails or other reminders and please take the survey.

    Also be sure your CREWbiz Network profiles are up to date. If your profile is old or your picture is missing, it is not as personal and you may have missed opportunities for your company and yourself advancement! 

    CREW Careers: Mark your calendar for Take a Girl to CRE Day, lunch and learn on April 23rd. If you have more questions please see Cassie Catania-Hsu for more details.

    Scholarships: Samantha Flaherty is our delegate for our CREW Foundation Scholarship program. There are 25, $5,000 scholarships. It is for junior and senior level girls who are in any commercial real estate field and also provides free admission to CREW Convention and an internship.

    Committee Reports

    Social Event Committee

    Brittany Brown – The bowling event was a success and huge thanks to NAI Vegas for being our sponsor. There was a 50/50 raffle and as a result we were able to raise $290 for CREW Cares. The funds will be used to pay for a field trip and pizza lunch for the classroom we adopted. Our upcoming “no host” happy hour will be at Sierra Gold on March 25th. We are trying a new idea to give people a chance to meet up. We are looking for upcoming event sponsors for May, July and August as well. Please reach out to me if you want to be a sponsor.

    CREW Cares Committee

    Wendi Schweigart – Thank you to all who contributed to the 50/50 event. We are taking our classroom to SeaQuest as a result of those donations. The book drive was amazing. The kids were excited and loved to see how engaged the kids were with the community coming to read to the children. Our committee meets the Monday before the Tuesday lunch if you wish to join our committee. There is a fishbowl on Brittany’s table to drop your card if you want to get involved with our activities I can add you to our mailing list.


    Special Events Committee

    Maria Herman – Plan to meet us on April 23 at Run for the Roses between 5 – 8 pm. Besides the great cocktails and photo booth and horse race, we are now giving away a $100 cash prize for best hat and best decorated horse. We are helping 2 charities, Project Marilyn and Garden Foundation which will both benefit as a result of our special event! There are sponsorships are available so let me know if you wish to get involved. 

    Wendi explained the history of Project Marilyn. Wendi founded this group to help women who are homeless with menstrual supplies. Wendi is so happy that CREW LV is helping this charity as well as the Garden Foundation and please watch their video.

    New members pinned!

    Jim Slack – We are going to pin some new members, but I want to remind you about the golf outing and our upcoming “Understanding CREW” in May. It will be an orientation in how to maximize your CREW benefits. In addition on the March 20th, Friday, DC Building Group has a 3 on 3 event to benefit the National Children’s Cancer Foundation. It is a big deal and we try to raise between $10-15,000. Everybody here is invited to show up. Please join us.

    Carol introduced, Brittany Brown of STP Specialized Pipe Technologies our generous lunch sponsor. Brittany explained her company is not a plumbing company, but a pipe lining company. Candidates for pipe lining are sewer, drain and vent pipes, which are their specialty. The work is done without down time and the least amount of inconvenience to your business. The process involves viewing the inside of the pipe with a camera to see what the conditions are. The next phase is grinding out the build up of corrosion on the pipes. Once the pipes are cleaned, the pipe is filled with a liner. It drys and the pipe is put back in business. Bottom line is we fix pipes without digging!


    Luncheon Panel –
    Women in Construction & Development


    Wendi Schweigart, NDL Construction – Moderator

    Leslie Becker, Harris Company (Business Development Professional)

    Maquel Houlihan, MMC Contractors (Business Development Professional)

    Melissa Campanella, New Market Advisors (Tenant Representation Broker)


    Women can go from carpentry to business development, like Leslie Becker did!
    Service account management is an excellent field for women to consider.
    Dream of pharmaceutical sales turns to commercial real estate as a result of excellent mentors.
    Just be yourself.
    Women bring something different to the table.
    You need thick skin and believe in yourself.
    Sometimes doors open and sometimes they close. 
    Be honest, be proud to be a Mom.
    Do not worry about working in bars or strip clubs to get business: be yourself.
    Show up 15 minutes early, show your respect, earn the clients trust.
    Do what you say you are going to do.
    Not everybody is going to like you. Don’t worry. There is enough business to go around.
    As a woman you need to know your stuff. When trying to sell something, don’t flirt your way through it.
    A mentor can be younger than you, don’t think about age. Learn from everybody.
    A good mentor or team member treats you as an equal.
    Join a committee, get active in CREW Network events. You will learn so much from other women.
    You can learn from bad bosses and learn what not to do and how not to treat people.
    Don’t pay attention to there being a difference between men and women. Just do your job and treat everybody the same.
    Women have compassion, we are emotional. Females offer a better judgement of things than men do not see. We can read people. We do not have a facade. Listen to yourself. Female intuition rules.
    We are mothers, daughters, aunts. Women are relationship builders.
    Surround yourself with people who want you to do well.

    Purse Raffle

    The March 2020 purse raffle was held and the lucky winner of the beautiful bag was Amanda (Catania) Miller of Lawyer Trane/Lawyer Mechanical Services. Thanks to our board member, Kelly Connery for purchasing the lovely bag. All proceeds of our monthly raffles go to help CREW Las Vegas defray costs and contribute to our charitable activities. We truly appreciate all of you who purchase raffle tickets.

    Carol’s Thought & Quote
    March 10 2020

    Thought of the Month – 

    Sympathy, compassion, and Value Are your characteristics
    Love, Beauty, and Peace Are your distinctions 
    Determination and Patience Are your armors
    Smiling, attractive and precise Is your Character.
    You are born with a Power To change the thoughts And conquer the Hearts.
    Life Flows Because of You. You’re a Woman.

    Quote of the Month –

    Forget about the fast lane, if you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion. ~ Oprah Winfrey

    Luncheon Location on 2nd Tuesday of Every Month:
    Lawry’s The Prime Rib 4043 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89169

    Register for all events here.
    At this time, our planned events are postponed for March & April.

    Tuesday April 14 2020 Luncheon
    April 23 2020 Bring a Girl to CRE Day
    April 23 2020 Run for the Roses
    Tuesday May 12 2020 Luncheon
    Tuesday June 9 2020 Luncheon
    June 12 2020 Golf Outing
    Tuesday July 14 2020 Luncheon
    Tuesday August 11 2020 Luncheon




    Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.

    Brittany BrownSPT Specialized Pipe Technologies

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    CREW Las Vegas February 2020 Luncheon All Things Las Vegas

  • 02 Mar 2020 8:32 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

    CREW Las Vegas February 2020 Luncheon All Things Las Vegas

    Posted March 2, 2020 CREW LV Blog

    New member pinning ceremony.

    The second meeting of 2020 with our wonderful new CREW Las Vegas President, Carol Cline-Ong presiding at our new luncheon location, Lawrys The Prime Rib. Carol welcomed first time guests and first time members. The entire chapter thanks our amazing sponsors and appreciates all that our sponsors do to make our chapter possible.

    Carol reminded us that we have amazing energy and activity in the room and we need to consider taking that to our online CREW Business forum as well! 

    Also, Carol asked that we do not miss the CREW Network Benchmark Study survey which is an online study to help us to understand the diversity in our industry. It takes only 15 minutes and it is critical that we participate. Please watch for emails or other reminders and please take the survey.

    Committee Reports

    Membership Committee

    Jim Slack and Kelly Connery are planning to host a CREW Resource meeting as part of the Membership Committee initiatives for 2020. This will be a great way for members to learn about the incredible and vast opportunities that are available to all of us as members of the CREW Network as well as our local chapter. Kelly reminded everyone to get their dues in so they can be sure to take advantage of all that CREW Las Vegas has to offer.

    Golf Event Committee

    Brendan Graves reported that 2019 enjoyed record breaking attendance at the golf event and over $10,000 was raised. Please mark your calendars for June 12, 2020 when the annual golf event will be held again at Siena Golf Course. Volunteers are absolutely needed to help Brendan repeat the success of last year. At this time there are 5 volunteer slots. Please reach out to Brendan to join his committee. 

    Social Committee

    Brittany Brown announced the first social event is scheduled at Sunset Station to bowl. Please sign up and register as an individual or register for a lane with your pals. There will also be a 50/50 raffle. This event is sponsored by NAI Vegas. Please join us!

    Leadership & Legacy

    Natalie Wainwright, a founding member of the Leadership and Legacy with Mindy Kermes and Tanya Twitchel, announced the 2020 program is planned. Natalie told the audience that she has gone through the program twice and she plans to do it again. The program teaches you how to get the best out of people. You will learn how to communicate with people and learn what your legacy to your life is. The first committee meeting is February 18th at 11 am so please join us this year.

    Special Events

    Maria Herman announced April 23, 2020 is the Annual Charity event, which is planned to be held at the Spanish Trail Country Club. Please mark your calendars! Our charity for this year is Project Marilyn and the Garden Foundation. If you wish to sponsor the event or provide a silent auction item, please reach out to Maria.

    Community Outreach

    Wendi Schweigart expressed her committee’s new goal for this year which is to offer more events for people that offer a variety of options, to get engagement. Just One Project has a senior pantry and a pop-up pantry. Please note that Just One Project has other locations and is kid-friendly, so if you wish to get involved you can bring your kids too. We also have Construction vs. Cancer on February 29th, MDL Group is a sponsor. Our book drive continues. We will collect all month long and we take books or donations. If you wish to sign up to read to the kids, please sign up! The kids love to interact with us! Another goal is to take the kids from our classroom on a field trip as well.

    Marketing Committee message: Please share your news with us. We would love to hear from you and give your news some exposure!

    Bring a Girl To CRE Day

    Cassie Catania-Hsu and Renee Carroll announced April 23, during lunch, Bring a Girl to CRE is being sponsored by ProLogis. Girls 8 to 16 are invited. There will be a walkthrough of the facility and the goal is to get more girls interested in our industry. Watch for more information to come.

    Jeff Manning (CREW Las Vegas member since 2007), of ABG Builders Commercial Construction & Development (CREW Las Vegas member since 2011), our sponsor said, give them a call if you want a building built or need anything at all. Jeff auctioned off a bottle of amazing wine to be donated to CREW Foundation. Jeff was an outstanding auctioneer and entertained the audience with his mad auctioneer skills. The bottle raised $110 for CREW Foundation. What a great gesture and so successful for our organization.


    Luncheon Panel

    Travis Noack, RealComm Advisors – Moderator

    Perry Ursem, VP Business Retention & Expansion
    Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance 

    Ryan Smith, Business Development Manager City of Las Vegas


    Las Vegas is in a business growth mode.
    California is a key driver for Las Vegas expansion.
    The medical industry is a diversification of industry for Las Vegas and efforts to recruit are aggressively underway from the east and midwest.
    Addressing the perception vs reality on labor.
    Las Vegas is a hot market.
    Las Vegas is working to be sustainable.
    UNLV School of medicine and various corporations along the 215 are examples of how Las Vegas is changing for the better.
    Las Vegas does not have a lot of land and infrastructure so large parcels can be a challenge. The goal is to force development into our core.
    Repurposing properties needs to be considered for future development options.
    Most desirable incentive to Las Vegas: Being able to serve Southern California without being in California!
    Las Vegas has lower cost of living and better housing than California.
    There is an uptick in business inquiries.
    Businesses most in demand: manufacturing, logistics, ecommerce, technology, 3D printing, fintech, gaming, esports.

    Purse Raffle

    The February 2020 purse raffle was held and the lucky winner of the beautiful bag was Leslie Becker. Thanks to our board member, Kari Golden for purchasing the bag. All proceeds of our monthly raffles go to help CREW LV defray costs and contribute to our charitable activities. We truly appreciate all of you who purchase raffle tickets.

    Carol’s Quote February 11 2020

    Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.
    ~ Ancient Indian Proverb

    Reminder NEW LOCATION:
    Lawry’s The Prime Rib 4043 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89169

    Register for all events here.

    Tuesday March 10 2020
    Tuesday April 14 2020
    Tuesday May 12 2020



    Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo
    of Dragonfly Portrait Design for
    this month’s photos.

    ABG BuildersCity of Las VegasJeff ManningLas Vegas Global Economic Alliance
  • 20 Jan 2020 8:34 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)


    CREW Las Vegas January 2020 Luncheon Avoid Taxes with 1031 Exchange

    Posted January 20, 2020 CREW LV Blog

    The first meeting of 2020 with our wonderful new CREW Las Vegas President, Carol Cline-Ong presiding at our new luncheon location, Lawrys The Prime Rib. Carol welcomed first time guest and first time members. The entire chapter thanks our amazing sponsors and appreciates all that our sponsors do to make our chapter possible.

    Carol reminded us all that we gain nuggets of wisdom and can make so many connections in our amazing chapter. Magic will happen if we all work together! Carol stated that she and the board promise to listen to the members so please let them know any suggestions or thoughts throughout the year.

    Committee Reports

    Golf Event Committee

    Brendan Graves reported that 2019 enjoyed record breaking attendance at the golf event and over $10,000 was raised. Please mark your calendars for June 12, 2020 when the annual golf event will be held again at Siena Golf Course.

    Social Committee

    Brittany Brown reminded us that 2019 was an amazing year for social activity and 2020 will prove to be even better. Between bowling, golf lessons and a fabulous mixer, please be sure to take advantage of the wonderful activities being planned.

    Sponsorship Committee

    Melissa Campanella said she needs committee members. Why? Because Las Vegas will be hosting the 2021 CREW Las Vegas Convention and we will need all of the help we can get to make ourselves the best host/hostesses possible. It will take a much larger committee to begin working on all of the planning and execution for 2021.

    Special Events

    Maria Herman announced April 23 2020 is the Annual Charity event, which is planned to be held at the Spanish Trail Country Club. Please mark your calendars!

    Community Outreach

    Kari Golden, not only oversees our finance committee, but she is now participating in Community Outreach. Kari said the committee is busy making plans for quarterly events, in addition to ensuring the Paradise Elementary class is well cared for throughout the year. Please look for our next Paradise Elementary Book Drive to be announced shortly.

    Carol Cline-Ong introduced Maria Herman, who graciously offered to help as Tonya Wagle had a family emergency. Wishes are being sent to Tonya and her family during this time.




    Luncheon Panel

    Maria Herman – Moderator

    Sheila Long, Old Republic Exchange

    Lori Greymont, SJREI


    1031 Exchange is for investor clients.
    1031 Exchanges are for like-kind properties.
    Personal property does not qualify for a 1031 Exchange.
    Vacation homes rented for at least 14 days per year and held for 2 years can qualify.
    A reverse exchange is you buy first, then sell relinquished property.
    Installment sale is another solution to avoid taxes.
    Avoid buying at top of market with an installment sale.
    Depreciation is key advantage to shelter income.
    Installment sale defers taxes for 30 years.

    Purse Raffle

    The January 2020 purse raffle was held and Chris Hunter made the presentation to Kari Golden, the lucky winner of the lilac bag. Thanks to our board member, Carol Cline-Ong for purchasing the bag. All proceeds of our monthly raffles go to help CREW LV defray costs and contribute to our charitable activities. We truly appreciate all of you who purchase raffle tickets.

    Carol’s Quote January 14 2020

    I learned to always take on things I’ve never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist. – Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM

    Reminder NEW LOCATION:
    Lawry’s The Prime Rib 4043 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89169

    Register for all events here.

    Tuesday February 11 2020
    Tuesday March 10 2020



    Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo
    of Dragonfly Portrait Design for
    this month’s photos.

    Old Republic ExchangeSheila LongSJREI Lori Greymont
  • 20 Dec 2019 8:38 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

    CREW Holiday Luncheon – Flowers, Hugs and Thanks to Mindy

    Posted December 20, 2019 CREW LV Blog

    Mindy kicked off this very special holiday luncheon with our customary Pledge of Allegiance and the rest of the meeting was filled with flowers, hugs and thanks as this was Mindy’s last meeting as our amazing 2019 President!

    Mindy recounted her year as President by describing the hard work, learning and honor she had in this special role in our commercial real estate community.

    We also welcomed a few special guests. The first was Mason Workman, Mindy’s support and partner who has been by her side throughout the year and attended this meeting to honor Mindy’s successful year! Another special guest was Gabriella Marques from the New Mexico CREW Chapter.

    Thanks to all of our incredible sponsors for all they do to make our chapter a success. Mindy asked all sponsors to stand for a round of applause and thank you!

    Mindy acknowledged all of the committees and their hard working leaders! A very special shout out was given to Bob Stewart who co-chaired the 2019 Golf Committee with Brendan Graves!  Bob has been attending our luncheons for many, many years and we are so very proud that he became an official member of CREW Las Vegas this year! 

    Mindy praised the support she has received from the Past President, Natalie Wainwright and the President Elect Carol Cline-Ong. Both of these women provided unending support and guidance to Mindy throughout the year. A big thanks to Tara and her team as well. Tara does an amazing job and Mindy was thrilled to have such great support.


    Committee Updates

    CREW Cares is led by Wendi Schwiegart. Wendi reported that our Trunk or Treat event was a huge success for the children and the school has acknowledged their immense gratitude for our support. Wendi reminded us all that we adopted a school this year and for the holiday season we will be packing bags for each child. The bags will include hats, socks, scarves, gloves a toy and some food. Thank you to all for the generous contributions that help us make CREW Cares a success.

    New Members Welcome to all of our new members! We are so very proud of our chapter growth. We love to honor our new members and pin them with our chapter lapel pin. These are all of our newest members.
    Heidi Meidenbauer, Colliers International
    Jeremy St. Arnault, American National Insurance
    Shauna Brennan, Outside General Council
    Dawn Cica, Mushkin Cica Coppedge
    Monte Smith, Brown & Brown Insurance
    Nikki Dadlani, Nevada State Bank
    Jakke Farley, Mountain West Commercial
    Meaghan Levy, Newmark Knight Frank
    Chris McGarey, Berkshire Hathaway Nevada Properties
    Joshlyn Steele, Kite Realty Group
    Christina Stevens, Hammel Green Abrahamson

    Lunch Sponsor Highlight

    Mindy Kermes and Berenice Church did a fantastic job of giving us the history of Wells Fargo, how much Wells Fargo gives back to the community and the focus her team has on commercial real estate deposits and loans. What makes Mindy’s team unique is their focus on local lending and the fact that all decisions are made locally. It is a distinction that Mindy is super proud of being able to offer to our industry and the Las Vegas market. On each table Wells Fargo provided a 20th edition pony. The person with the birthday closest to today receives the pony as a gift. Please enjoy!

    The highlight of our annual holiday luncheon was the White Elephant! Everybody exchanged gifts and had a blast moving around the room while they shared gifts and met some new friends. The wrapping paper was flying and all ended up with a great gift or at least we think so!

    Please meet your 2020 CREW Las Vegas Board:

    President – Carol Cline-Ong
    President –  Elect –  Samantha Flaherty
    Immediate Past President – Mindy Kermes
    Director of Membership – Jim Slack
    Treasurer/Secretary, Director of CREW Cares – Kari Golden
    Director of Special Events – Maria Herman
    Director of Sponsorship – Melissa Campanella
    Director of Marketing/Media – Danielle Black
    Affiliate Representative – Kelly Connery
    Director of Programs – Chris Hunter
    Director of CREW Careers – Cassie Catania-Hsu
    Director – Julie Quisenberry

    Carol Cline-Ong was introduced as our new President and she had many words of thanks to Mindy and to past presidents of CREW Las Vegas. During Carol’s inspirational and emotional speech she left us with these words and promising more quotes in the future!

    “Dreaming after all is a form of planning.”

    Did You Know?
    At each luncheon one of our board members purchases a beautiful purse to be raffled off to all luncheon attendees. This month it was a beautiful red holiday bag, perfect for the festivities of the season. The proceeds of the raffle are used to help support so many of our charitable efforts. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to our winner Wendi Damian and thanks to Natalie Wainwright for selecting such an appropriate purse!

    Upcoming Luncheon Dates

    Reminder new luncheon location and day for 2020! The Las Vegas Country Club has been the home of our luncheons for many years and we thank them for the amazing service given to us over the years.

    It is now time for a new start. With 2020 brings our  new luncheon location and day of the week! Please mark your calendars for our upcoming luncheons, which will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

    Lawry’s The Prime Rib 4043 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89169

    Register for all events here.

    Tuesday January 14 2020
    Tuesday February 11 2020
    Tuesday March 10 2020





    Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo
    of Dragonfly Portrait Design for
    this month’s photos.


  • 02 Oct 2019 8:57 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

    CREW Las Vegas September Luncheon Turns Dirt to Gold

    Posted October 2, 2019 CREW LV Blog

    As always our meetings kick off with the Pledge of Allegiance! Mindy Kermes led the pledge and then gave special thanks to our incredible sponsors and partners in CREW Las Vegas. Each sponsor was announced and ask to stand. The attendees gave them all a round of applause.

    Next up, Mindy introduced our talented line up of committee chairs to share their updates.

    Committee Updates

    Social Events Committee – Brittany Brown –  We have a fun time planned for us on September 19th with our very first Toastmasters Experience, sponsored by theBrokerList!
    So far we have 16 registered and the limit is 20 so please sign up soon. We have an event planned for every month for the rest of the year so we hope you take time to mix and mingle at one of our social events.

    Membership Drive Committee – Kelly Connolly –  It is that time of year when we do our push for new members. We look forward to everyone’s help and ask you to watch for our upcoming announcements to come on how you can help us grow our amazing chapter.

    CREW Foundation Committee – Melissa Campanella–  Yes, it is true, we are two-thirds done with our CREW Foundation chapter responsibilities. We are so close and we need all of your help to finish our remaining third. You can use the CREW Biz app or log in and make a donation as little as $5. We need every member to contribute so we can have an amazing offering of scholarships to worthy candidates. Also note, if you have a family member or friend planning a career in commercial real estate be sure they apply for the scholarship as well!

    CREW Community Outreach Committee – Samantha Flaherty –  Hard to believe Halloween is upon us and it is time again for our chapter to pull together for the children of Paradise School. Last year was great but this year is going to be incredible. We want to expand our event and really show the kids a wonderful day of fun and Halloween spookiness! Please mark your calendar and let us know by filling out the form on the table or sign up on the CREW LV Website. We need your help this year!

    Trunk-or-Treat - Oct 31

    Please click here if you would like to provide a $100 donation as a sponsor for Trunk-or-Treat. The money goes towards making sure the kids enjoy all that Halloween has to offer!


    Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Owen Calvin, LandCare and Suzette Wheeler, City of Las Vegas (Guest).

    Mindy reminded us all of the importance of networking and asked the members and guests to spend 5 minutes sharing business cards and making introductions. Think about bringing a guest and let them experience all that CREW LV has to offer!

    If each of us brings one new guest to a luncheon each year and that guest joins, we will double our reach as a chapter! Try it! Also consider bringing your favorite vendors or give a lunch as an employee perk!

    Lunch Sponsor Spotlight

    Ricky Navar of Nevada Business Magazine was introduced and he spoke about the importance of being top of mind in all facets of digital and print media today. As a proud sponsor of today’s event Nevada Business Magazine is eager to work with our membership in all aspects of their media needs.


    Natalie Wainwright, Cushman & Wakefield

    Panel Members:

    Frank Marretti III,  G2 Capital Development
    Tom Van Betten, Matter Real Estate 


    • Tenant needs are changing.
    • Client priorities are changing.
    • The CEO wants to work where the talent lives, not where the CEO lives!
    • You need to emit authentic “cool”, not fake “cool”.
    • Instagrammable lifestyle influences design today.
    • Mixed-use projects become a centerpiece for cities.
    • Ideal users:  youthful energy, communal space users, hip law firm, quality, non-medical. 
    • Development is different from redevelopment.
    • You need to have a stomach for development.
    • Teamwork helps the stomach.
    • Brokers work better with developers.
    • It is hard to relocate and start over in brokerage.
    • When negotiating, communicate more – understand what the developer needs too.
    • Users need to think 1.5-2 years ahead.
    • Know timelines. Get out way in front.

    Brokers on these developments: Colliers is representing Narrative; CBRE is representing Uncommon; NKF is handling retail.

    The September Purse Raffle was held and thanks to our generous board member who purchased such a coveted fall bag! The winner of the raffle was Christopher Crooks of Newmark Knight Frank and he sure was proud to model this bag which he will be regifting to a lucky lady! Thanks to all of our members and guests for purchasing these raffle tickets. The money raised helps us do so much for the chapter and our Las Vegas community.

    Upcoming Luncheon Dates (Register Early)
    Thursday, October 3
    Thursday, November 14
    Thursday, December 5

    Register for all events here.


    Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.

    Frank Marretti IIIG2 Capital DevelopmentMatterNatalie WainwrightNevada Business MagazineTom Van Betten
  • 02 Oct 2019 8:55 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

    CREW Las Vegas October 2019 Luncheon You Can Bank On

    Posted October 2, 2019 CREW LV Blog

    Mindy Kermes started the meeting with asking everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Mindy asked all new members to stand so we can give you all a round of applause. Also, it is a great idea to introduce yourself to the guests and get to know some new potential CREW LV members!

    All of our sponsors are the most amazing companies and we thank them so much for their incredible support. Mindy asked all sponsors to stand as they are called out by name. A warm round of applause was given by all.

    The CREW Network Convention was just one week ago and there were many new CREW LV members who attended for the first time. Everyone came away with so much knowledge and networking. It is an event you do not want to miss. Please note, in 2021 Las Vegas is hosting this amazing convention!!

    Run for the Roses is our annual charity and we are so super proud of associating this year’s event with Dress for Success. Maria Herman introduced Paula Lawrence Executive Director, of Dress for Success and presented her with our $9,000.00 donation check from the event. Also mark your calendar for next year’s Run for the Roses, which will be held on April 23, 2020.

    Committee Updates

    Social Events Committee – Brittany Brown –  We had a great time at our September social event, The Toastmasters Experience, sponsored by theBrokerlist. You do not want to miss our next event either! It is a limited registration for learning all about ettiquette. Please be sure to sign up.

    Membership Drive – Jim  Slack –  Please join us on October 17th at the Parkway Tavern, located at Flamingo and the 215. The event will be from 5 -7 pm and we encourage you to bring a friend.

    Community Service Co-chair – Wendi Schweigart –  Please mark your calendar for our 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat event on October 31, 2019 between 11:30 am – 2:00 pm. Sponsor the event with a $100 donation and decorate your trunk and fill it up with candy! It is for the children at the Paradise Elementary School.

    Thanks to all who brought gently used costumes to our luncheon today. They will go to good use for those children without Halloween costumes this year! Please register here.

    Lunch Sponsor Highlight

    Huge thanks to Kelly Connery of Orbis Solutions for being our lunch sponsor this month. We truly appreciate all of our sponsors and feel so lucky that we can have all of these luncheons, events and activities and have great sponsors like Kelly step up to the plate to help us out.

    Kelly shared a very appropriate and scary story with us all. Of course she is so spot on with the Halloween motif and her real life scary story. The bottom line is that Kelly’s story was a real life story of  how we are all in danger of being hacked or our data hijacked. It is happening more and more. Kelly’s company, Orbis Solutions is leading the way in providing security services to protect your data. Consider Orbis Solutions for your company data and protect your organization from cybercrime!

    Orbis Solutions understands relocating your company today can be a complex process. Orbis Solutions offers a free IT Relocation Checklist to help guide your moving plans. You can download it here to help your clients navigate their next move.

    (L to R) Kari Golden, Julie Brutch, Rachelle Crupi, Mindy Kermes, Vincent J. Ciminise


    Kari Golden, Meadows Bank

    Panel Members:
    Vincent J. Ciminise,  Wells Fargo Bank
    Rachelle Crupi, Bank of Nevada
    Julie Brutch, Meadows Bank


    • The recession or correction coming is not going to be as bad as 2007.
    • Housing remains affordable.
    • Cautiously optimistic.
    • Housing is still strong.
    • Lending remains positive.
    • Liquidity is king.
    • Banking is a good industry for women.

    “I was delighted to participate in the discussion of issues important to CREW members and the community as a whole,” said Rachelle Crupi, Chief Banking Operations Officer, Western Alliance Bank.  “Southern Nevada is well-served by its CREW chapter, and by its members who are engaged in learning about the important economic factors and trends that affect us all.”

    “It was a great event that allowed each panelist to highlight their Bank, and their perceived competitive advantage.  I felt that the questions posed to the panelist by CREW were relevant to what’s taking place in the local market and national economy,” said Vincent J. Ciminise, Commercial Banking Leader Nevada Commercial Banking-Southwest Division, Wells Fargo Commercial Banking.

    On Thursday, November 14 we are mixing it up a bit by partaking in the Appraisal Institute, Nevada Chapter’s 2019 Las Vegas Market Symposium. Please join CREW Las Vegas for lunch at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino. (More details to come) Nick Bennett and Brenda Cazares spoke for a few moments to give us information on this annual event, now in its 9th year. The luncheon topic is the State of our Southern Nevada. The Symposium theme is Market Trends and there will be a variety of panels to cover all property types. You do not want to miss it. Attend the entire event or join us for lunch. If attending for CE, 100% attendance is required, which includes the lunch panel. There is no CE credit for attending the lunch panel only. For more information visit the 2019 Las Vegas Market Symposium registration page here.

    Chris Hunter did a great job presenting the generous and beautiful Vegas Knights gift basket, purchased by Melissa Campanella, including a cool backpack adorned with the Vegas Knights logo. It was a knock out purse raffle and the envy of everyone. The lucky winner was Bob Stewart. Way to go Bob! Thank you to all who purchase raffle tickets. The raffle really helps us so much for so many.

    Upcoming Luncheon Dates (Register Early)
    Thursday, November 14 (Suncoast venue)
    Thursday, December 5

    Register for all events here.


    Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.

  • 06 Aug 2019 9:00 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

    CREW Las Vegas August 2019 Luncheon What Glass Ceiling?

    Posted August 6, 2019 CREW LV Blog

    Amazing outpouring of school supplies presented to our adopted classroom!

    Our August luncheon was led by Carol Cline-Ong. Carol started the meeting with our pledge of allegiance and an introduction of the board and committee members. All were asked to stand and accept acknowledgement for the work put into our chapter. Carol reminded us all that without our sponsors and hardworking board our chapter could not accomplish all that it does for the community and each other.

    There was a questionnaire left at each place setting and Carol asked that we all fill it out and provide feedback to help our chapter improve.


    Community Outreach Committee – Samantha Flaherty – We have been able to do an amazing job of collecting school supplies. All of the supplies will be given to Toni Cutler-Trifunac, as we have adopted her classroom at Paradise Elementary School this year.




    Social Events Committee – Brittany Brown –  We have a fun time planned for us on August 21st to attend an Aviators game. We will have 60 seats so please bring your family. We have an event planned for every month for the rest of the year so we hope you take time to mix and mingle at one of our social events. 

    Leadership & Legacy – Natalie Wainwright – Tonya Twitchel will once again lead us on an experience to help us all become better leaders and people. We did this last year for the first time and we are doing it for our 2nd year. This is an event you do not want to miss. Please sign up for this 5 month immersion in leadership and developing your legacy. The program begins August 23rd. 

    CREW Foundation Committee – Melissa Campanella – As the chapter champion it is my role to guide us all to being the best chapter we can be. Part of that includes supporting our CREW Foundation. There are several ways we do this. First is by having our board of directors give 100% participation to donating to the foundation. Second is by raising $1,000 from our overall chapter. Third is to get 50% of our members to give. We are doing a fabulous job so please help us make our obligation. All of those who have already given $25 or more are wearing these beautiful CREW pins. Hope to see more of you wearing pins at the next gathering!

    Our lunch sponsor is Clifton Larson Allen CPA and Barbara Lagoe spoke about the importance of supporting women in the workplace and raising the bar in encouraging women to be successful in all ways possible, without anything holding us back. 1 in 10 partners in CPA firms are female and that has to change. Clifton Larson Allen CPA is a national firm with 6,200 cpa nationally and 120 locations. Their focus is on real estate and construction.

    Blazing trails and crashing through ceilings is a topic near and dear to Barbara’s heart and she stated how pleased she is to welcome this esteemed panel and have Clifton Larson Allen CPA sponsor today’s luncheon.


    Shauna Brennan, Brennan General Counsel Group

    Panel Members:

    Shonda Decker, Affordable Striping & Sealing

    Petra Latch, Criterion Group
    Suzan Rutar, Suzana Rutar Architects Ltd. 


    • Women are excellent compromisers.
    • Women are detail oriented, multi taskers.
    • A female quality is building relationships.
    • Facing adversity does not stop women, they forge ahead.
    • Women make excellent communicators.
    • WBE is not a huge advantage. 

    Purse Raffle was held and thanks to Carol Cline-Ong for purchasing such an on trend backpack style bag. The winner of the raffle was Randi Reed of Haus of Reed and currently running for Nevada’s 4th Congressional Seat. Thanks to all of our members and guests for purchasing these raffle tickets. The money raised helps us do so much for the community.

    Upcoming Luncheon Dates:
    Thursday, September 12
    Thursday, October 3
    Thursday, November 14
    Thursday, December 5

    Register for all events here.


    Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.

    Carol Cline-OngClifton Larson Allen CPA
  • 15 Apr 2019 9:12 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

    CREW Las Vegas April Luncheon Welcomed Mayor March of Henderson

    Posted April 15, 2019 CREW LV Blog

    Record-breaking attendance. CREW Las Vegas April Luncheon.

    Mindy Kermes started the meeting with an introduction of all of the CREW Las Vegas sponsors and thanked everyone for attending another record-breaking luncheon crowd of over 100 attendees! Each level of sponsorship was recognized and all sponsors were asked to stand and receive a grateful round of applause. Thank you so much to our incredible sponsors.

    Alicia Syverson of Newtex Landscape A big thank you goes out to Alicia Syverson, Director of Client Services of Newtex Landscape who sponsored the April luncheon. Alicia rose to the occasion and provided a brief overview of the Newtex Landscape service which includes design and maintenance of commercial property landscaping. Think of Alicia for your next project. Thank you Alicia for the sponsorship of our lunch and thanks for the cheerful flower pens we all received at our tables. The next part of our luncheon was our 5 minutes of table networking.  All attendees shared business cards and made new friends. The business cards were flying around the room and there was much buzz of conversation with people meeting new members, visitors and members they have never met before. That is what our luncheons are all about: Networking!! Mindy introduced our extremely impressive guest speaker, Mayor March, of Henderson, Nevada. There is nothing but incredible synergy between our commercial real estate community and Mayor March. Mayor March has a long history of working in our community and has close ties with many of our members. The most amazing coincidence is that Mayor March was a founding member of CREW Las Vegas as she crafted the original by-laws of the organization and was instrumental in making our chapter possible.

    Henderson Facts and Figures

    Goal: To be America’s Premier Community Population 314,000. There are 500-800 people moving into Henderson monthly. Stable financials. Low property taxes with a rate of .71 per 100 of assessed value. Stable quality of life and voted on of America’s safest communities. Henderson is soon to be home of Raider’s practice facility, with an estimated $75,000,000 investment made. Downtown/Water Street improvements, Union Village project in conjunction with Henderson Hospital are all underway. Henderson Smart Project aims to improve education, schools, and offer professional development for teachers. There is a Google Back-Up facility that will create 300 jobs. A Q&A session with Mayor March was held and the questions ranged from traffic concerns to residential overbuilding and many accolades on the achievements of this Mayor and community. Mindy Kermes introduced the following committees to offer reports: Charity/Community – Melissa Campanella Mark your calendars for May 9th Run for the Roses, our annual charity event. It is being held to support the Dress for Success organization. This organization helps women in need of making a career transition and provides clothing and other essentials to those women in need of help. Melissa introduced the representative of Dress for Success Peggy McClain to say a few words about the organization. Brenden Graves – Golf Outing Reminder of the upcoming June 14th Tournament being held in conjunction with RMA at Siena Golf Club. Still looking for sponsors, players, raffle prizes and volunteers. If you would like to play, sponsor or donate a raffle prize, please contact Brenden Graves. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Danielle Black. Brittany Brown – Social Events Brittany has another event planned and asked that we keep our eyes and ears open and to please try to attend the next social activity. Kari  Golden – Finance Kari asked for help on her committee. If you are a number cruncher and like doing financial analysis, give Kari a buzz and she would be grateful to have the help. Chris Hunter – Programs Chris made a point to ask the audience to mention examples of times that they were able to make a deal with another CREW Las Vegas member. Several members gave examples of how they were able to transact business and make money with another CREW Las Vegas member. Chris stressed that the goal of this chapter is to make this more common place within our membership. Next month Chris has special guest, Ryan Patel slated as our May 2nd speaker and do not miss it! Purse Raffle Another beautiful purse was purchased by Maria Herman for our monthly purse raffle which helps us defray our expenses and/or the funds are used to help a charity or family in need. Thank you for purchasing this purse. The winner of the purse raffle was Linda Day Harrison of Let’s create those connections over cocktails on April 24, 5 – 7 pm. Register here now! Remember to take your photos and post them to social media on April 25th! Use these hashtags #CREWLasVegas & #BringaGirltoCREday! This really helps our chapter so very much! Register here. Mark your calendar for “Run for the Rose” CREW’s Annual Charity Event! May 9th. Look for future announcements. Buy tickets here. Get your tickets today for June 14, A Day on the Green! Click this link to sign up. null

    Photo credit to Adrienne Angelo of Dragonfly Portrait Design for this month’s photos.

    Alicia SyversonHenderson NevadaMayor MarchNewTex Landscape
  • 31 Aug 2018 9:33 AM | Tara Harvey (Administrator)

    August 2018 CREW Las Vegas Luncheon was a Showstopper with Amazing Mayor of Las Vegas

    Posted September 11, 2018September 10, 2018 CREW LV Blog

    CREW Las Vegas August Luncheon

    CREW Las Vegas August LuncheonThe August 2018 CREW Las Vegas Luncheon (August 2, 2018) kicked off with buzzing excitement as we all awaited the arrival of our esteemed and well loved Mayor Carolyn Goodman. Let’s face it, everybody loves her for so many reasons. First of all she is a wonderful person, super smart and truly funny. She does a fabulous job of discussing hard hitting topics, yet she makes them so personal to her and her family and deals with the topics with compassion and grace.

    No matter who you ask, everybody loves to go to lunch with the Mayor of Las Vegas, and CREW Las Vegas members are no exception. Mayor Goodman spoke about topics such as homelessness, affordable housing, parking rates on the strip and gave us her no nonsense insight. Mayor Goodman opened up with asking the audience exactly what they want to hear her talk about and people loved it. Great job Mayor Goodman and thank you so very much for honoring us with your presence.

    CREW Las Vegas August Luncheon Our networking was done after we heard the Mayor’s talk and Natalie kicked it off with her infectious enthusiasm and love for CREW Las Vegas. The members had time for small talk and exchanged business cards.

    CREW Las Vegas August Luncheon

    CREW Las Vegas August Luncheon

    Major thanks to our luncheon sponsor, Chase Bank! Everyone received information about the bank’s initiatives and about all of the various opportunities Chase Bank is offering. Thanks for giving all of our attendees the cute little key chains and pens too!

    CREW Las Vegas August LuncheonThe big surprise of the luncheon was the presentation of a donation to the charity The Folded Flag Foundation. Through the CREW Las Vegas Special Event – Run for the Roses, CREW Las Vegas was able to raise money to benefit The Folded Flag Foundation. A check for $10,000 was presented to two foundation representatives! CREW Las Vegas is so proud to have been able to raise this money for so many deserving families.

    The Folded Flag’s mission is to provide educational scholarships and support grants to the spouses and children of the United States military and government personnel who died as a result of hostile action or in an accident related to U.S. combat operations.

    Scholarships and grants are available to qualifying spouses of fallen heroes and their children under the age of 26 to help provide a pathway to success by covering a wide range of living expense and educational needs, from kindergarten to college/trade school. 100% of donations go to families since all administrative costs are paid for by corporate sponsors.

    CREW Las Vegas August Luncheon One of the newest members of the association management team, Gwen Phillip, won the purse this month. She sure was proud!

    CREW Las Vegas August LuncheonBig thanks to all of those who contributed school supplies for our Adopt-a-Class drive. We were so grateful to all of you who went out of your way to shop and provide amazing goodies to get the kids off on the right foot for the new school year!



    Please be sure to join us next month for:

    President’s Dine Around (Sept. 12th)

    September Luncheon – Banking on Las Vegas (Sept. 13th)

    CREW LV Photo Gallery Button
  • 12 Oct 2017 10:22 AM | Anonymous

    By: Orbis Solutions, Inc.

    The statistics are both shocking and dismaying. Even in the face of innumerable high profile data breaches, people still aren’t serious about personal data security. In fact, a shocking 95% of people admit to sharing between one and six passwords with friends.

    Most of these seem innocuous. After all, it’s not too much of a stretch to envision sharing your WiFi password with a friend who drops by and wants to get on the internet using his or her smart device. If you’ve got a Netflix or other video streaming account, odds are good that you’ve occasionally shared that password too.

    While those examples seem harmless, when you combine that 95% statistic with the fact that more than 50% of survey respondents also indicated that they use the same password for multiple accounts, you begin to see the problem. What if, for example, your bank account password is the same as your Netflix account password? In that case, your seemingly innocuous password sharing has just exposed your financial data, and could come back to haunt you in ways you never imagined.

    This is not a new problem. What’s unfortunate about these findings is that no one seems to be learning the hard lessons that the hacking community has been teaching us over the last several years. Data security matters, and it starts with you and your passwords. Treating them lightly, sharing them without much in the way of thought for the potential consequences, and failing to take even the most basic password precautions are precursors to much larger and more financially painful problems.

    It is possible to secure your data, and to see to it that your risks are minimized. To do that, however, we’re going to need to see a fundamental shift in the way people view and treat their passwords. So far, that’s just not happening, and it needs to. Soon.
    Are Your Passwords

    For Your Company on The Dark Web?  Orbis Solutions, Inc. conducts Dark Web Monitoring:

    • Dark Web Threat Alerts
    • Compromised Data Tracking & Reporting
    • Compromised Data Trending & Benchmarking

    Are you interested to see if your organization’s passwords are on the Dark Web, please email or call us at 702.605.9998.

    Orbis Solutions, Inc.
    Used with permission from Article Aggregator

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